Chiropractic Testimonials

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Avenue Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Health and Happiness,
- Dr. Richard Nelson

Dr. Nelson: you are the best!!

"What can I say?! You get the bottom of the problem and keep on searching until you find it.
Thank you!"

- Ruth B

Neck & Back Pain along with terrible Headaches

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial man"I have been visiting Dr. Nelson for over six years now. I have had a history of neck and back pain along with terrible headaches at times since my second deployment in Iraq. I live in Des Moines, IA but have family in the Quad Cities. Every time I know I am coming back for holiday or just a visit, I make sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nelson. He takes the time to find out what’s ailing me and what needs “worked” on. He’s the only Chiropractor I’ve visited that doesn’t use a time table. He determines what I need and works accordingly. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 30. He has taken the time to send me home with x-rays in hopes of helping me find a local Chiropractor. To this day I still haven’t found anyone who comes close to comparing to Dr. Nelson. He is strong enough to properly adjust me where I need adjusting. I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone who is looking for an overall improvement with the way you feel on a daily basis. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me!! Thanks Doc…"

- Ben B. Des Moines, Iowa

Great Thanks and Respect

"Dear Dr. Nelson

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial manI want to thank you for relief from the pain I no longer have to endure on a continual basis. The last few years my back pain had become a constant source of pain, with times of great pain. At times the pain would become a pulsating, throbbing pain radiating from my back to my chest and left shoulder and down my left arm. At these times it was so intense it would make me nauseated. These times were very troubling as these are symptoms of a heart attack. In fact, before I sought out your help I had made a trip to the Emergency Room, as these were the same exact symptoms of two years ago when I did have a serious heart attack requiring open heart surgery. Anyhow, this time they said my heart was good, but it was my degenerative spinal arthritis causing all the pain. I was sent to a pain management MD. She helped with some symptomatic relief. However, it was still a problem. Another MD indicated there was no remedy. My wife had been seeing you for back problems and she told you about my situation and you suggested I come in for an examination. You indicated to her that the tools and techniques of Chiropractic had made great strides in the areas of more gentle adjustments and we should review my situation.

As you know, I was a long standing client of yours until I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. At that time you said this diagnosis was contraindicative for Chiropractic adjustments. I have really missed my visits with you for the last five years while fighting this cancer. My fight with the Myeloma continues to go well. However, I am really glad that you can now work on me through these new techniques. I feel so much better than I have felt in a very long time. And it has only been a couple weeks. Thank you for your professional manner, your caring and compassionate service, and the knowledge and skill that you so capably provide. I look forward to our next appointment and renewed association. Thank you very much."

- Ed Mairet

My testimonial in a word—GREAT!

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial woman"I became a patient of Dr. Nelson’s following the retirement of the chiropractor I was seeing on a regular basis. This was approximately 14 years ago. At that time I was experiencing ongoing back discomfort and required monthly adjustments. At times the pain was intense. As I continued to receive adjustments, I found that I was able to manage the pain level by continuing monthly treatments and making changes in my personal life. Over the years I have seen Dr. Nelson, I have found him to be not only highly professional, but also kind and compassionate. It quickly became clear that Dr. Nelson took a “whole body” approach to chiropractic care. He is open to discussing any health issue, and when appropriate, refers me to other health care professionals for consultation. I always feel comfortable sharing what is going on in my life and any issues or concerns with my health, without receiving judgment or criticism for not always doing the right things for my spine. I highly recommend Dr. Nelson for any chiropractic care. I can’t imagine going any where else."

- Sandy Perry

Thank you for helping me!

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial man"Whiplash is more than a pain in the neck! In April of 2011, I was rear-ended by another vehicle while stopped at a traffic light. The impact caused injury to my right knee, and I suffered whiplash with headaches. I saw my family doctor who said I might benefit from seeing a chiropractor. I called Avenue Chiropractic and met with Dr. Richard Nelson. Dr. Nelson thoroughly examined neck and shoulders and developed a treatment plan. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I started out with visits/treatments several times per week, and now it is August, and I’ve greatly improved to the point of now being treated a couple if times per month. I am able to move my head freely, the stiffness is gone and I no longer suffer from headaches. Dr. Nelson not only treated me physically, but he also took the time to educate me on what he was doing and its importance to overall health and well-being. Incidentally, Dr. Nelson’s staff is excellent as well, and very supportive. I highly recommend Avenue Chiropractic and Dr. Nelson to everyone!"


- Richard J. Crosson – Andover, IL

Dr. Nelson is a miracle worker!

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial woman"In July of 2000, I suffered a catastrophic fall head first down the stairs landing on my chin and face on the cement. Unfortunately, it resulted in broken upper bones in my mouth and later revealed a bulging disc between the C4 and C5 vertebra in my neck. Over the next year I also developed shingles along my spine. Needless to say it was extremely painful.

Over the years the migraines, neck and lower back pain, have consistently grown more chronic and increasing in pain levels. After seeing multiple Drs. without any positive results I sought help from Dr. Nelson. After some initial treatment Dr. Nelson encouraged me to see a Neurologist and undergo more testing. An MRI revealed that I had a bulge that was pretty pronounced between the C4/C5level and the Neurologist recommended going for Physical Therapy, along with more medications, to learn new exercises to help control the pain.

Relatively, four months later I was back seeing Dr. Nelson as I was again at a crossroads, in pain and nothing was alleviating it without constant medication which I thoroughly wanted to prevent. Dr. Nelson suggested a treatment plan of cervical traction as he had seen some positive results for patients with similar chronic headaches and allergies.

Dr. Nelson is a miracle worker. He is one of the few doctors I have encountered that truly cares about the quality of life of his patients. The traction, along with specific adjustments, was a true life saver. I started out at 3 times per week and am now down to 1 time every two weeks. Not only have I seen a tremendous decrease in migraines and normal headaches but it has also alleviated my allergy symptoms. I am also taking very little medication at this time.

I am grateful to Dr. Nelson and his persistence in finding the answer for me and countless others. I would recommend him to anyone."


- Jennifer Everitt – Moline, Illinois

Dr. Nelson’s passion was obvious!

"I became a patient of Dr. Nelson’s a few years ago. After my first visit Dr. Nelson’s passion for what he does was obvious. Knowing your Dr. truely has your best interest and wellness at heart is a priceless thing. I was recently injured at work and the pain I was experiencing was giving me thoughts about my ability to continue my career. It has been just a little over a week since the injury and my pain has been cut in half already, and my thoughts are now all about how I am feeling better each day and getting back to work soon. Thank you Dr. Nelson"

- Tim Crownover – Moline Illinois

I cannot express how grateful I am!

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial man"I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Nelson since he took over for the retiring Dr. Rich. I have found Dr. Nelson to be a very knowledgeable, professional and caring physician. His ability to diagnose and then treat my problems correctly have been nothing short of overwhelming: what a relief. The sincerity and intensity of Dr. Nelson’s commitment to chiropractic is evidenced every time I visit him. That’s because his approach gets to the root of my physical problem. I’ve found that in addressing my issues, he has helped me move past the state of maintenance and toward complete wellness. I cannot express how grateful I am for the relief I have incurred since seeing Dr. Nelson. Suffice it to say, I am very thankful he is my chiropractor."

- M.Hancks – Geneseo, Illinois

The difference in “before” and “after” is indescribable!

"Prior to visiting Dr. Nelson, I was limited in activities such as picking up my children, playing alongside them as well as daily work tasks due to back pain. After my first visit I could tell a noticeable difference in my range of motion, overall decline of back pain and starting the mornings without thinking how much I hurt. The difference in “before” and “after” is indescribable – being rid of constant aching, not able to sit straight, bend over or stand up straight. I feel now like I used to years ago. For the last several years I became accustomed to lower back pain and unfortunately just accepted it. I now know what it is to feel healthy again due to the folks at Avenue Chiropractic. Thanks Dr. Nelson"

- Justin Hardin – Coal Valley, Illinois

Excellent Chiropractic Care!

"I stayed with Dr. Nelson after Dr. Rich retired years ago. My chiropractic experience with Dr. Nelson has been one of better health and education. With the guidance of Dr. Nelson, I have learned how to take care of my “whole” body. He has taught me the importance of exercise, both physical and mental. Dr. Nelson has taken the time to help me understand the different prescribed medicines that I need to take and the potential side effects that these meds can cause. He has worked with me on the importance of diet and how diet can affect my well being. In fact, Dr. Nelson has taken an active part in every aspect of my health care. I can truly say that I trust Dr. Nelson with my health care needs and to me, trust is a very important between doctor and patient. I have and encourage any existing patient to recommend Dr. Nelson if they really want excellent chiropractic care and total health care as a side benefit."

- Peggy M. – East Moline, Il

I recommend his magic hands!

"My name is Steve Seibert. I work at UPS and have 10 acres of timber. I am a very active person and from time to time my back will bite me. Doc Nelson always been there for me, even after hours if needed. I recommend his magic hands to all that are in need of help with their spinal aches and pains. Thanks for all you have done for myself and my family to keep us healthy."

- Steve S. – Alpha, Illinois

I am confident you will return!

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial office staff"My name is Pat Johnson and I am the office manager at Avenue Chiropractic. I have worked with Dr Nelson for over 12 years. Having worked for two other Chiropractors, prior to working with Dr. Nelson and have 25 years experience, I have seen the differences in office procedures, and the different techniques used in each office. From the very beginning I have seen Dr. Nelson treat each patient individually, not like an assembly line or dollar sign. He likes what he does and it shows.

Dr. Nelson is very thorough during a patients first visit. He not only takes the time to listen to each patient, his examination is very thorough and he discusses his findings with you. He is genuinely concerned about each patients symptoms and sets up an individual treatment plan designed to speed your recovery time. Dr. Nelson continues to treat each patient as they progress and when the problem is resolved, he continues to remain interested in their overall health through diet, exercise and positive attitude. I invite you to come and visit our office. I am confident you will return."

- Pat J. – Office Manager – Colona, Illinois

Post Surgery

"In 2003 I had back surgery to relieve the pain caused by a bulging disc. Since that time, I have had lingering back and neck pain along with terrible headaches. I also had constant sciatic pain down the left leg. I had tried ice, heat, stretches and many pain killers, but few of them had any effect, and none of them gave me any lasting relief.

After years of being miserable, I spoke with a friend of mine that worked in athletic training and she suggested I go see Dr. Nelson.

It was one of the best pieces of advice I ever received. Within a few weeks of starting treatment Dr. Nelson managed to eliminate the neck and back pain and the headaches were slowly subsiding. Soon after the sciatic pain started to calm down and the pain decreased. I know it’s a cliche’, but I feel like a new man. I feel better physically and emotionally. The constant pain takes a toll on your body and mind. Without it, I am now better able to do the things I need to do to be healthy, such as diet and exercise. I don’t seem to be in a constant bad mood. ( My daughter thanks you also!)

Thank you to Dr. Nelson and his staff. I appreciate all the effort. The results are great!!"

- Doug K. – Geneseo, Illinois

Stress and Injury Relief

"My name is Jon and I am a local police officer. I also work out daily and lift weights to stay in shape. All the hours at work along with the everyday chores at home makes for a very stressful day. As much as I try to stay healthy it seems I regularly need the assistance of Dr. Nelson. Over the years Dr. Nelson has seen me through work and home related injuries along with a few episodes at the gym that left me hurting. He seems to always make time to squeeze me into his busy schedule even if he has to give up his lunch time to see me.

Dr. Nelson takes the time to listen to what is going on with me and spends what ever time it takes to make me feel better. Thanks Doc for all your help!"

- Jon L. – Milan, Illinois

Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial woman"I came to Avenue Chiropractic in bad shape. I had excruciating left shoulder pain and sciatic pain down my right leg. I was on pain medications, had an MRI, and went through two rounds of physical therapy. This along with cortisone shots gave me no relief. The doctors told me they could do no more for me. I was unable to sleep in the bed and slept in the recliner.

With in a few weeks of starting treatments, the sciatic pain eased up. Dr. Nelson also treated my shoulder and gave me some exercises to start.

Today I no longer suffer with sciatic pain at all and the pain in my shoulder has eased up greatly. I’m sleeping in bed again!

I am very grateful for the concern Dr. Nelson has shown me and thankful for the wonderful care I have received at the clinic. The staff is terrific and also cares very much about the patients. Thank you Dr. Nelson for restoring my health."

- Ruth C. – East Moline, Illinois

Work Comp

"My name is Erlinda and I am a registered nurse. I injured my neck at work and was unable to turn my head to the right. I sought treatment at three different Chiropractors, as well as massage therapy, to relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately I was only able to get temporary relief from the pain and the symptoms always returned.

Dr. Nelson was highly recommended by a colleague. I was told “if he can’t help you, he’ll know someone who can”

After a thorough examination and x-rays Dr. Nelson decided to refer me to a specialist. He explained he wanted to rule out some other possibilities. I was then prescribed a short duration of physical therapy to stretch and strengthen the neck. Dr. Nelson explained that since my neck symptoms had gone on so long, before seeing me, this would be necessary before he began the work of restoring my health.

It worked. Dr. Nelson’s ability to work with other professionals along with chiropractic treatments decreased my chances for further disc compromise. I not only got better, I learned the cause and how to avoid re-injury.

I am thankful for a practitoner who knows his area of expertise and abilities to utilize other health professionals and work collaboratively to eliminate my pain and get my health back.

Thank you Dr. Nelson"

- Erlinda H. – Coal Valley, Illinois

Neck Pain and Headaches

"I started chiropractic treatment after visiting a theme park and ending up with neck pain and headaches. I was hesitant at first, but I had also suffered with on and off back pain, terrible headaches and migraines.

I have treated with Dr. Nelson now for 12 years. My headaches are very minimal and based on his advise my migraines subsided as well. Last year I had pain and swelling in my left foot that was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. Dr. Nelson helped me by taking the time to show me how to stretch it, tape it for support, and then supplied me with orthotics to help correct the problem. Who would have thought that a chiropractor would be able to help with a foot injury but he did. Dr. Nelson is always there when needed and takes the time to listen to what is going on. His staff is just as kind and caring as he is which always makes your visit a positive experience! Thank you Dr. Nelson for always making me feel better!!"

- Jody I. – East Moline, Illinois

Spinal Arthritis and Skeletal Issues

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial man"I am a charter patient of Dr. Nelson’s with a fair share of skeletal issues. (Adult degenerative scoliosis, spinal arthritis, spondylolisthesis, 27 bone fractures and more) I worked in the construction trades, as a union carpenter, for more than 35 years. Dr. Nelson has been a great savings to my work career. On countless occasions Dr. Nelson has brought me relief when medications alone brought me little results. Dr. Nelson’s techniques and methods have always brought about immediate positive results.

Being retired for eight years has been and continues to be a great joy because, in part, of Dr. Nelson’s regular chiropractic care, and continued treatments today. I plan on being a patient of Dr. Nelson as long as I am still able to be mobile.

Thank you Dr. Nelson for adding many years of improved quality of life my way. I’m at the age now where life has cut back on the giving and started taking away."

- John Wilt – Moline, Illinois

Massage Testimonials

“Get The Best Therapeutic Massage Prior To My Chiropractic Adjustments”

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial woman"I am writing today as I would like to say “Thank You” to Jessie Atkinson for joining the staff at Avenue Chiropractic. I have been a patient of Dr. Nelson for almost two decades and am very pleased that now I can get the best therapeutic massage prior to my chiropractic adjustments. I have a history of very tight muscles as I stand on my feet 8-10 hours a day at work.

Jessie has an amazing technique that feels like nothing I have ever experienced. It is not only relaxing but deals with the needs of my tight muscles and trigger points. She truly has a gift as her hands are magic!

I see Jessie twice a month and can hardly wait until it is time to go again. Jessie knows right where to work and has improved my over all health dramatically. You would do yourself a favor by getting one of her massages. Jessie is also very knowledgeable about homeopathic remedies and I love listening to her tell me all about them.

When you meet Jessie you will be treated to her wonderful smile and personality. You will instantly realize her dedication to her profession and your health.

I have learned the benefit of combining my massage with Jessie along with my treatment from Dr. Nelson as it makes my adjustments much easier and more beneficial.

Please treat yourself to a massage you won’t regret it."

- Mary Kay Eckert – Moline, IL

“She has the ability to pinpoint the exact locations of discomfort on your body and she works to dissolve the tension in those areas”

Chiropractic Moline IL testimonial woman"Jessie truly has an amazing gift for massage therapy. Her knowledge of the human body far surpasses any other massage therapist I have encountered. She has the ability to pinpoint the exact locations of discomfort on your body and she works to dissolve the tension in those areas. I truly believe no two massages of Jessie’s are the same.

Her passion for the field and helping people is unmistakable. She also has an ease about her that made me feel comfortable instantaneously.

In my eyes, the only drawback Jessie has is that she doesn’t live closer to Des Moines (since that is where I live)…I would love to see Jessie for massage more often.

I fully support giving yourself the gift of massage with Jessie as often as you can…you won’t regret it!"

- Georgena E. – Des Moines, IA

“You will be in ‘good hands’ with Jessie as your massage therapist”

"A few fortunate times in my life, I have found myself in the presence of someone who exudes enthusiasm for what they do – Jessie Atkinson is such a person. You will be in “good hands” with Jessie as your massage therapist. Customer Service begins with a smile, continues with excellent service, and is complimented by the desire to help others. Jessie has a sincere desire to help others through her perfected and unique massage techniques, which has brought much relief and stress reduction to my life.

In this fast paced world where concern and commitment seem to be lacking, it is very apparent that these qualities do exist with Jessie. Notable is Jessie’s dedication and commitment to the massage profession. Jessie truly listens to her clients needs and wants and delivers with expertise! She participates in continuing education classes, eagerly learning new massage methods to add to her repertoire of services. Jessie’s massage skills and abilities are exemplary!

Jessie will go above and beyond to offer you a wonderful, therapeutic, relaxing massage to help you deal with the ongoing stressors in life that we all face on a daily basis. If you find yourself tied up in “knots”, have no fear, Jessie is here!"

- Pam & Rick Davies

“She truly has a gift and her hands are magic”

"I must admit I have not been active with massage in years until I was recently introduced to Jessie. I can’t express to you what she has done for me in a short time. She truly has a gift and her hands are magic. I can honestly say this as I am now her patient and also owner and Chiropractic Physician at Avenue Chiropractic in Moline. I feel honored to work along side such a talented professional as Jessie. If your body is in need of help, or just some relaxation, I highly recommend you call Jessie today for an evaluation. You’ll be glad you did!"

- Dr. Nelson

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