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Dr. Richard Nelson. “Whether your symptoms are sciatic pain, headaches, neck, or back pain, the care you receive will be individualized to meet your specific needs and related to your clinical findings.”

Chiropractor Richard Nelson D.C.

Chiropractor Moline IL Richard NelsonFrom a very young age, Chiropractic has always interested me.

During a regional wrestling tournament I was seriously injured to the point I could not move my neck without excruciating pain. After a trip to my medical Dr. and some pills that didn’t help, my parents took me to a local chiropractor for care. After an examination and x-rays I received my first adjustment. Within two weeks my problem had greatly resolved to the point I could start training again. Before long my health was completely restored.

I had Seen the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

After many years of athletic competition, and multiple injuries, I had seen the personal benefits of Chiropractic care over and over. Without regular chiropractic adjustments I never would have maintained my health or achieved the high levels of competition. These experiences led me to pursue a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic later in life. I thought, what better job could there be than to help others regain their health.

Being a native of Moline, I chose to attend Black Hawk College before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic.

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At Avenue Chiropractic

For well over two decades I have seen what Chiropractic can do to relieve pain and reduce the symptoms caused by injury, illness and lack of physical conditioning. I will personally work with you to help you achieve optimum health as quickly as possible. I practice using non-force and low force techniques which are safe, comfortable and effective. Through thorough examination I will locate the underlying cause of your symptoms, explain the problem, and discuss your treatment options.

Away from Avenue Chiropractic Clinic

I have been happily married to my best friend, Marguerite, for 35 years. We reside in Moline and enjoy the outdoors, gardening, golf and our dogs Matty and Bella. We believe in volunteering ourselves for the betterment of our community.

I believe in health through Chiropractic, proper nutrition, and exercise. Let me help you in all these areas to be your best.

“Thanks for visiting our web site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our Moline office a call, or e-mail me personally using the link below so we can help you take the first step towards better health.”

Jessie Atkinson - Massage Therapist

Chiropractic Moline IL staffMy name is Jessie Atkinson and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2005. I have been getting massages since I was eleven years old, and by the time I was fourteen, I had grown seven inches in one year. The result was a terribly crooked back and enough pain to make me stop my martial arts training and leave my ballet company when I was only sixteen. My dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer were over!

Years later, after my first year of college, I came home to regroup and change to an English major. Before I sent off the paperwork to the new college, my mother talked me into going to massage school. While I had never seriously considered doing massage as a career, I knew it would be helpful for her while recovering from stage three breast cancer. Little did I know what a monumental decision that was! Six month after graduation from Black Hawk College’s Massage Program, I moved to South Carolina to get married. I now had something for a career instead of just a minimum wage job.

My first real job was working for a local chiropractor where I discovered a love of trigger points and deep tissue massage. While this type of massage had always helped with my back in the past, I gained a whole new respect for how much of a difference it could make in a person’s muscles and life. I concentrated almost exclusively on chronic pain with an emphasis in migraines, tension headaches, sciatic pain, rotator cuff problems, and fibromyalgia. While all of these symptoms can see vast improvement with trigger point massage, each one must be custom tailored to each person. No two of my massages are the same, ever.

While I have worked in a variety of settings from a chiropractor’s office to a spa, I have fallen in love with the work I do in an office setting. I specialize in chronic pain management by assessing everything from how a person walks or stands to how they handle stress and how this all relates to the muscle. My love for my job has also led me to teaching continuing education seminars for massage therapists at Black Hawk College most of which focus on trigger point therapy, necks, shoulders, or assessments.

Massage therapy for me is more than just working out knots; it’s a way of life! I love to see people coming in with a list of pains, and see those pains ease away one by one. This is not just a job for me; it’s a passion that I shall be pursuing for the rest of my life!

Pat - Office Manager

Chiropractic Moline IL office staffMy name is Pat Johnson and I am the office manager for Avenue Chiropractic Clinic. I previously worked for Dr. Joseph Rich prior to Dr Dr. Nelson taking over. I spent 9 years working with Dr. Rich. I have been with Dr. Nelson for 18 years. Dr. Nelson treats each patient individually according to their symptoms. He spends the amount of time needed to make sure your issues are addressed.

I will work with you to make sure your appointments meet your busy schedule. We strive to make your visit with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. I enjoy seeing people come in and watch as Dr. Nelson is able to relieve their pain and restore their health.

I invite you to come visit us at Avenue Chiropractic. I am sure that you will return.

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